27 July 2018
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Whether you went backpacking through Asia, or just ate Ramen around the corner, chances are that once you’ve been acquainted with one of the Asian cuisines, you’re eager for more. Luckily we have all the Asian cook books you need.






China: The Cookbook


If you’re Dutch, you might expect something similar to a recipe named “number 38”. But we’re happy to tell you that China: the Cookbook is nothing like that. If you want to know what real Chinese cuisine looks and, more importantly, tastes like, we’ve got the right book for you. China: the Cookbook features over 650 traditional, and less traditional recipes from the Red Dragon that will surprise you as much as they will please you.






Japan: The Cookbook

In a way that mimics a classic wooden Japanese binding, Japan: The Cookbook offers almost 500 pages of delicious recipes, originated from the Land of the Rising Sun. This book helps you become an absolute senpai in the Japanese kitchen, with oishī soups, noodles, rices, pickles, one-pots, sweets, and vegetables, all presented in a clean aesthetic way, just like the Japanese do. Sugoi!

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27 July 2018
News 1
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